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Featuring a collection of images three decades in the making, spanning all seven continents and 160 countries, Beautiful Planet is a groundbreaking app that captures the breathtaking beauty of our world and its cultures. Two times named the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of the Year, called a "one-man Explorers Club" in the New York Times, and with zero inhibitions, Peter Guttman has blanketed the planet to create a far-reaching survey of both nearby dazzling landmarks and unknown, intriguing corners of our terrestrial home.

All at once a savvy encyclopedia of the world, a striking art gallery, an evocative poetry selection and an inspiring travel planner, Beautiful Planet is a lovingly curated, incisively written and joyous portrait of the planet -- a rich resource of knowledge about the wonders of the world around us.

A magic carpet ride that swoops from steamy gorilla hideaways to wind blasted penguin-studded icefields, and encounters the human spectrum from desert bedouins to jungle headhunters, Beautiful Planet explores the marvels of earth's spectacular landscapes from its highest and lowest points to the rich traditions, exotic cultures and religious ceremonies that paint an unforgettable kaleidoscopic dreamscape.

The author and creator of a hardcover award-winning book series for Fodors Travel Publications, an on-air expert for the Travel Channel and A&E Television and the recipient of solo photographic exhibitions at Sotheby's and the United Nations, Peter Guttman skillfully introduces the user to the marvels of our planet.

Reviews of Peter Guttman's work:

"Stunning images...sumptuous, dramatically lit shots." New York Times

"One of the premiere travel photographers." CNN

"Guttman's photographs capture the spirit of a place." Time

"Such a beautiful vision." CBS This Morning

"His photographs all seem to glow from an inner light." Dallas Morning News

"Peter Guttman is a gutsy photographer who has taken pictures all over the world and paints glorious word-pictures with extraordinary photographs." Popular Photography